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Wild reaction after Colonel Mustafa appeals for another Sh1.5 from Kenyans

Singer Colonel Mustafa has found himself at the center of public scrutiny and criticism, with netizens expressing their disappointment after he asked them to support his mum, yet again.

The backlash came after Mustafa appeared in an interview, in which he said he needs approximately between Sh1.5milllion and Sh2 million to stabilize to get back on his feet.

An interview with The Gold Mine Show, quickly went viral, triggering negative reactions from fans who were taken aback by the artiste’s perceived sense of ‘entitlement’.

“Let’s say we get something like Sh1 million or Sh2 million, let me say Sh1.5 million, I think. If we get that Sh1.5 million, everything will be fine,” he said in the interview.

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The talk show questioned Mustafa further, seeking clarification on whether the mentioned amount was the only money he needs and if obtaining it would resolve all his problems.

” So, your current target is Sh1.5 million? If you receive that one and a half million, will your mother receive the treatment she needs without any worries?” the host asked.

Mustafa responded in the affirmative, saying once he gets that amount all his worries will alleviated, particularly concerning his mother.

He also expressed his desire for a job or sponsorship to reestablish himself in the entertainment industry, emphasizing that he would be able to support his mother once those needs are met.

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“After that, it’s all about music. If it’s music, will you support me or provide me with work? From there, I will be able to fight for my mother until the end,” he explained.

Colonel Mustafa’s remarks drew varied reactions online. We sample a few:

“Medical bills for cancer patients can be extremely high… So for those who will judge, continue doing so. Some will contribute… But now he also needs to show his mother…” Fahliyah_dol commented.

“Wow, he’s asking for 1 million like he’s demanding it… Anyway, let’s come together and help his mother,” Ianoh remarked.

“Mustapha is like an upgraded version of Omosh. We need to see his mother now!” Kamau._fitke said.

“Shouldn’t he have been grateful for what he received first? Seriously! We humans have flaws,” Iamdahfrii said.

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