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Will he move the river? KOT react after Ferdinand Waititu is appointed to Nairobi Rivers Commission

By Winnie Mabel December 3rd, 2022 2 min read

Former Kiambu governor Ferdinand Waititu was among 9 members appointed to the Nairobi Rivers Commission on December 2, 2022.

The appointments made by President William Ruto included Waititu, Chairperson Pamela Olet, Nairobi County representative Mumo Musuva, Ministry of Environment representative Grace Senewa, Riverine Communities representative Eva Muhia, Civil Society representative Elizabeth Wathuti, Private Sector representative Carlota Dal Lango and Academia representative Prof Elijah Biama.

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It was Waititu’s appointment to the commission that especially stood out after he was quoted in August 2018 saying that river should be moved out of the way instead of demolishing buildings built on or next to riparian land.

“Mambo ingine mimi naona pale, kama iyo watu wanasupport ubomoaji, mimi hapana support. Mambo iangaliwe, kama nyumba yako imekaribiana na mto, wewe uambiwe ni garama yako kuhakikisha hiyo mto imesonga kidogo.

(I am seeing some things happening, like those people who are supporting the demolition of buildings. I don’t support that. Things should be looked into and discussed.

If your building is near a river, you should be told how much to pay to make sure that the river is moved a little bit),” Waititu told a gathering.

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Years later upon his appointment, these sentiments were brought up again as Kenyans reacted to his role in the Commission.

“God will chose the rejected ones,” said mtunecessary.

“I’m done with Kenya. Is this the guy who suggested we move rivers? Truly manifestations work,” laughed Julie Amira.

“Wait for rivers to be diverted,” added Riziki Akinyi.

“The same guy who had a court case about building on riparian land. Round of applause,” said Mundiaa.

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“People laughed when this guy said rivers should be moved. 99% of countries abroad redirect their rivers instead of demolishing buildings,” said Francis Miaraho.

“I also want these appointments, who has the President’s number?” asked Katulleh.

“Good, now he can move rivers,” added CPA Wanyoike.

The Commission was formed to come up with initiatives for the protection, restoration, rehabilitation and beautification of Nairobi Rivers and all water bodies within the Nairobi City County.

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