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‘Will I still be lonely?’ Brian Chira’s diary reveals emotional struggles

The cherished belongings of the late Kenyan TikToker Brian Chira have been carefully packed and transported to his grandmother’s residence in Githunguri.

On Saturday, March 30, Chira’s grandmother, accompanied by content creator Baba Talisha, embarked on an emotional mission.

Baba Talisha revealed they had been tasked with the duty of clearing the items, as the house had already found a new occupant.

During this heartfelt process, Baba T chose to go live, sharing a message extracted from Chira’s notebook.

In it, Chira candidly discussed his battles with loneliness and discontent, questioning the true essence of happiness amidst material wealth.

“Even if I get that money, will I ever achieve true happiness? Will I still be lonely? The luxurious car, fancy mansion and vacations to Mallorca will that ever be enough? Will it fill the emptiness in my heart or the void in my soul?”

The note captured Chira’s contemplations as he lay on his bed, whiskey in hand, reflecting on the tangible fruits of his success.


Brian chira left a strong message in his notebook only God can tell how much this guy was going through 💔💔😒 continue resting in peace 🕊️🕊️🕊️#rip #go #goviral #viraallll #viralllllll #fyp #fypシ゚viral #foryourpage #sad #sadstory #trading @TIKTOK NEWS @TIKTOK NEWS @TIKTOK NEWS

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Baba Talisha also showcased cherished items that reflected Chira’s unique personality, such as his shoulder-length white wig.

Tragically, the pathologist’s report unveiled the devastating extent of Chira’s injuries, revealing ruptures in his heart, lungs, and kidneys following the fatal accident.

In a final tribute to his memory, Brian Chira was laid to rest on his grandmother’s ancestral land in Gitei village, Gathanje, Kiambu County, surrounded by loved ones and admirers from the content creation community.

Honouring his grandmother’s wishes, Chira was buried in a black suit and graduation gown, symbolising his academic achievements and promising future.

The funeral service attracted a multitude of dignitaries, including politicians like Mumias East MP Peter Salasya, renowned musicians Otile Brown and Justina Syokau, as well as fellow TikTok personalities who gathered to bid farewell to the 23-year-old Brian Chira.