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I will marry when I want, bachelor MP declares

Emurrua Dikirr MP Johanna Ngeno has dismissed calls by leaders and elders that he marries if he wants to be re-elected.

Mr Ngeno said though marriage was important, it was not a priority to him.

“At times, I feel I should get married but it is not a priority at the moment. It is a non-issue,” he said on Thursday.

The MP, who is in his mid-40s, asked those pushing him to get a wife to declare their intentions.

He said choosing to be single was a personal matter and told off those making it a campaign issue.


“Their priorities are misplaced. No one should be bothered that I have no wife,” he added.

The first-time and vocal MP said he was only interested in working for his people and asked other leaders to follow his example.

He said his supporters knew he was single when they elected him in 2013.

Mr Ngeno added that as an elected leader, he should be respected, whether he had a wife or not.

Trans Mara Sub-County Kipsigis Council of Elders Chairman Alexander Kosgei recently said the community’s culture was clear; a leader must have a wife.

“Being married means one has a home and family,” Mr Kosgei said, adding that a wife would ensure continuity of the family. He said married people were more respected.

“The basis of good leadership is a family. You cannot be a good leader when your house is not in order,” the elder’s boss said.


“You cannot tell others about a family when you have none.”

Mr Kosgei said leaders in the past were encouraged to be polygamous.

“Those who visited such homes would not lack a place to eat or sleep,” he said.

During his tour of the constituency in February, Governor Samuel Tunai said Mr Ngeno had no reason to question the two levels of government “since he has failed as a lawmaker and in his personal life”.

“Ng’eno has failed to find a wife or build a house besides siphoning CDF cash. He should tread carefully since we are going to deal with him politically,” the governor said.

Mr Tunai said he would ensure the MP, who at the time was campaigning for the Kanu candidate in the Kericho Senate by-election Paul Sang, was not re-elected.