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William Ruto: I own Weston hotel and I am not corrupt

Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday evening used a live television show to defend himself, and the government from allegations of corruption and insecurity.

Appearing on the Big Question on Citizen TV, Mr Ruto accused political detractors of being “jealous” of his political success and insisted his government was working to deliver on their manifesto.

From the chaos at anti-corruption commission to the saga of Lang’ata Road Primary School and back to the scandal at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Mr Ruto maintained the same line of innocence, accusing political opponents of dragging his name and that of the Jubilee administration into the scandals.

“There is a consistent narrative being developed. Initially, they thought this government would not survive…These are people who are doomed in a way because they cannot believe that it is actually happening before their own eyes,” he said of unnamed political opponents soiling his reputation.


In the hour-long interview, he admitted having “interests” in the Weston Hotel, but denied it had grabbed public land from the Lang’ata Road Primary School.

In January this year, the school made headlines when its pupils were teargased as they protested against a developer who was allegedly hiving off their playground.

The case has since moved to court with the AirPort View Hotel claiming it owns the part initially hived from Lang’ata Road Primary School although Ruto’s name and Weston have been associated with the matter all through.

“I want whoever is making that allegation to look at me. My name is William Ruto. There is a person who owns the land of Lang’ata Road. He has not denied ownership.

He is not a ghost. He is not a foreigner. He is a Kenyan. He is in court. He is the owner of Airport View Limited which owns an entire estate near Wilson Airport,” he said.

Mr Ruto admitted that he is a part owner of the Weston Hotel, but argued the land it sits own was neither owned by the Civil Aviation Authority nor the school.

“It is not something that you can apply guesswork. How does a person who is in court and says I am so and so…how does that become William Ruto.

“I have interests in Weston Hotel. Weston Hotel is completely different from Lang’ata Road Primary school. Each one has its own title. The Title for Lang’ata Road Primary school is in court.

“The Land we bought, the transfers are there. We didn’t buy from KCAA. We bought the land from people who had been allocated the land and the documentations are there. Why is it so difficult for people to get the truth?”