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William Ruto: Why I have resorted to speaking in tongues

April 30th, 2020 1 min read

Generous to a fault when it comes to church donations, Deputy President William Ruto has explained why he has currently resorted to speaking in tongues to his political adversaries.

Dr Ruto says that this is due to the fact that it is the language of God. And the devil cannot understand it.

The DP also said that for people like him who do not have godfathers, can only speak in tongues to God the father in heaven.

“I love speaking in tongues. The devil doesn’t understand this language of God (1cor 14.2). Those who have no godfathers let’s proudly speak in tongues to our GOD the FATHER. With this pandemic let’s pray for God’s healing, work together to feed the hungry & plan to repair our hustles,” tweeted Dr Ruto.

Dr Ruto has in the past received sharp criticism for the huge donations he makes in churches, with a section of politicians and Kenyans questioning where he gets all the money to donate to churches every week.

However, Dr Ruto has always defended himself saying that his humble background is what has makes him have a special relationship with God and the money he gives out is from his own pocket.

He also maintains that going to church and making contributions for their development is voluntary and no one should feel offended.