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Royal grandchild: President Ruto’s son, Nick, welcomes newborn

Nick Ruto, the son of President William Ruto and his wife Rachel Ruto, have made them grandparents after his wife, Evelyn Chemutai, welcomed their first child.

The proud grandfather shared the good news on Sunday during an Interdenominational church service in Nanyuki Stadium.

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“Mwaka uliopita nililipa mahari na ninataka kuwashukuru watu wa Laikipia kwa sababu nyinyi mlimpatia kijana wangu bibi. Last year in January tulikuja hapa Laikipia tukalipa mahari na sasa tumebarikiwa nimepata mjukuu wa kutoka huku Laikipia.

(Last year, we came here to pay dowry, and I now want to thank the people of Laikipia, who gave my son a wife, because we have been blessed with a grandchild),” President Ruto said.

“Perhaps my being early here has to do with that! So thank you to the people of Laikipia for giving be a daughter-in-law. Our family is growing,” he added.

The President and other government officials spent four days in Laikipia for a retreat as they planned how to achieve his agenda for the country.

Nick, a lawyer by profession, and Chemtai had his koito – a Kalenjin wedding ritual which involves the negotiation of a brides dowry – ceremony in January 2021.

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Nick Ruto and wife Evelyn Chemutai
Nick Ruto and wife Evelyn Chemutai

Announcing the traditional wedding and engagement news, Nick wrote on his social media that they met their families as culture demanded.

“She said YES, I said YES, THEY said YES, WE said YES.”

Nick added, “Special thanks for your support and prayers. Evelyne 💍 Nick.”

The couple, Nick and his Chemtai, was last seen in public during the 59th Mashujaa Day celebrations in 2022.

Nick Ruto was in a black suit while his wife was in an Army green chiffon long dress.

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