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Willis Raburu: People wanted me fired for having dreadlocks at work

Media personality Willis Raburu has opened up about the decision to wear dreadlocks, dismissing the criticism and defending his choice.

In a recent podcast interview with Phil Director on July 17, Raburu revealed that his former boss, SK Macharia, had received complaints urging him to fire Raburu for appearing on air with dreadlocks.

The media personality addressed the accusations surrounding his dreadlocks, stating, “I put on dreadlocks, and people started accusing me of marijuana and stress. Constitution lawyer, Bobby Mkangi, has dreadlocks, and no one is disturbing them,” he said.

Raburu added that his family members were also concerned about his decision.

“I understand that even my close family and friends, who matter most in my life, were concerned, and it took them a while to understand.”

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Raburu admired his boss, SK Macharia, recounting an encounter where Macharia approached him.

The chairman of Royal Media Services reassured Raburu, saying, “You know people are telling me to fire you for putting dreadlocks? Aren’t you working? Aren’t you delivering? Go on with your job.”

Despite facing pressure from some fans to cut his dreadlocks, Raburu remained steadfast in his choice.

Some critics argued that his hairstyle conflicted with his role as a father figure, but Raburu dismissed such assertions.

In a candid interview back in 2022, Willis Raburu discussed the pressures he faced regarding his decision to keep his dreadlocks.

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The media personality acknowledged that there had been considerable external pressure to remove them, but he remained resolute in his choice.

Raburu highlighted the existence of other celebrity fathers who had maintained their locks for a long time, such as Nameless and Nyashinski, to challenge the notion that hair defines one’s abilities as a parent.

“Hair does not make or break you. Some people have locks and they are good dads. I have always been with me for a very long time.”

He revealed that his decision to don dreadlocks was driven by a long-standing desire and his love for Reggae music.

“The money is mine, the hair is also mine.”

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