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Willis Raburu: the entire Raburu family is unwell

Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu says that his entire family has been unwell for the past week.
Sharing with his fans on social media Raburu lamented the fact that it appears that something infectious could be going around.
“What a week, the entire Raburu family plus some friends are unwell what’s been going round man?” asked Willis Raburu.
On Monday Raburu gave a statement apologising to his fans for not being able to host an event at a city club.
“This evening I was slated to host April Babies party alongside industry greats and many of my friends at Garage Thika. Unfortunately this evening a stomach infection began that has left me feeling weak and unable to function at 100 percent. I would do anything for my fans, many of who had already turned up and sent me messages saying they were ready for me. However what I can’t bring myself to do is to come and give you 50 percent,” Willis Raburu said.
“I am seeking medical help and I am sure it will blow away and I will be back on my feet in no time. Thika always holds a special place in my heart. We will work with them on a date and make it even bigger and better,” he said.
Days later he shared a photo of his son with the caption “hospital runs with the king.”