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Willis Raburu’s partner responds to baby number two reports

TV journalist Willis Raburu’s partner Ivy Namu has opened up about a choice she made last year to deliver her baby through a Caesarian Section surgery.

Sharing it all on her Instagram stories, Ivy said she chose to have an elective CS than to go through the unbearable pain of labour only to end up in the surgery room.

“I honestly did not want to go through labour just to end up needing an emergency CS. And my partner and I were looking from some degree of certainty and that is what an elective gave us,” said Ivy.

Responding to a question by a concerned fan who asked Ivy if she regretted having the elective CS due to the pain that comes after and the whole recovery process, the mother of one said she does not regret undergoing the procedure and explains how her entire post-surgery process was.

“No regrets. Took me about 3 weeks to get off painkillers and maybe about 6 weeks to heal. Though I didn’t try working out until 6 months.”

Ivy added that mental preparedness hastened her healing since she had already made the decision to undergo the procedure.

“It was only hard the first days in hospital but I was mentally prepared and made sure to walk a little every day which hastened my healing. Thank God. I don’t think any type of birth is easy,” she wrote.

Ivy went on to share tips on how to keep a relationship strong and healthy.

“Sometimes I also can’t believe my reality, so it is not like I am an expert in anything. But I would say communication is key, especially when it is hard to do so, remember you are on each other’s side even when disagreements might make you feel like you are not,” Ivy advised.

During the interaction, the mother of one also dismissed rumours she is expecting a second baby.

She expressed her disapproval of such kind of rumors terming them as misleading and untrue.

“This question is very funny and not in a good way. With all the factors surrounding pregnancy, surely, it should be up-to to the peeps involved to share the news at their own time.”