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Willy Paul bashed for pestering Jovial with distasteful love messages

Fans of Kenyan musician Willy Paul have shared their concerns with what they have termed as distasteful love messages by singer on Instagram.

The Nimelewa hitmaker has been publicly hitting on fellow singer Jovial in a move his fans believe are unpleasant and sexually explicit.

In one recent post, Willy Paul appeared to be begging Jovial to be his wife saying he will make her the happiest woman in the world, provided she gives him a chance.

“Kuwa na utu (Please be considerate),” the post reads.

He even begs Jovial not to listen to what people say about him.

“I admit that people always say that I am ‘bwana mkunaji’. But in this life, people get tired of their situations and that is why I want to change. Just give me a chance to settle down with you,” said Willy Paul.

“Nobody is perfect and so we should not judge someone based on his or her past. Man is to error. Just give me a chance and for sure I will make you the happiest woman on planet Earth,” he goes on.

One user on Instagram has even suggested that Willy Paul should personally approach Jovial instead of exposing his ‘lust’ publicly.

Another user said that the singer should examine himself and know what he wants instead of entertaining the public with his private life.

In a pervious post, Willy Paul publicly admitted how much he wants Jovial under his bedsheets.