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Willy Paul responds to ‘human sacrifice’ rumours over the death of his two dancers

Controversial Kenyan gospel musician Willy Paul has responded to claims that he ‘sacrificed’ his two female dancers to grow his music career.

Sometime last month, the singer lost one of his dancer Valary Aura Murunga following a tragic accident while on her way to Nakuru for a gig.

A week later, just days after her burial, Willy Paul lost the second dancer Joan, who according to the singer, was Val’s friend.


The tragic deaths of the two in quick succession has fueled rumours on social media that the singer ‘sacrificed’ the two dancers in Satanic rituals to help grow his music career.

However, the artiste has termed the claims as malicious rumours, adding that he has been distraught by the loss of the two dancers.


“This is the most painful season in my musical life. Losing close friends that I count as my family coz they believed in my dreams even before kafunguke. Nimekuwa najifungia kwa nyumba nalia a whole day but nikirudi online napatana na propaganda na story chafu about the death of my two female dancers,” Willy Paul said.

“Sina cha kusema kifo hutembelea kila familia. Leo ni mimi napoteza ndugu au rafiki, kesho ni wewe. That’s when you will feel the pain of losing a loved one in your life,” he further wrote.