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Willy Paul pushes bad boy image a notch higher with Twitter request

Former gospel artiste, Willy Paul is at it again. Just weeks after releasing the indelicate song, ‘Lamba Nyonyo’, the controversial artiste is, once again, causing a stir on social media in a new Twitter post.

The musician, on Tuesday, asked his female followers to audition for a spot in his next video. Stunningly, he demands that the women should have big “bottoms” and sexy bodies.

He asked the women to speak up if they fit these requirements and stand a chance to be in his upcoming video.

“Would you like to be in my next video?? Are you a female with a big a**** and sexy body??? Speak up tumalizane.” said the controversial artiste.

Although the artiste is yet to reveal exactly what the women will be doing in his video, Kenyans replying to the tweet have already begun to speculate that the video, as well as the music accompanying it, will be anything but modest.


This new move by the controversial artiste adds to already growing speculation that he has officially shifted from gospel music to secular music.

Willy Paul has in the past few months been a constant discussion point on various entertainment channels for his not-so-subtle shift from gospel music to secular music.

The artiste first hit gossip headlines after releasing his hit song ‘Hallelujah’ in collaboration with Ugandan secular artiste Nandy.

The controversy was further fuelled after a video of the duo performing the song, seductively, on stage went viral.

Despite the apparent undeniable shift, the musician is yet to fully admit to being a secular musician.

He has, however, managed to maintain a considerably large fan base in the country and continues to be one of the most popular artistes in Kenya.