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Wilson Airport set for major facelift

By NAIROBI NEWS February 18th, 2014 1 min read

Wilson airport is set for a major facelift as the government moves to review its 31-year-old master plan.

To address security lapses and under-capacity operation at the airport, the Cabinet Secretary for Transport and Infrastructure, Mr Michael Kamau, has ordered a thorough restructuring of Wilson’s infrastructure.

A master plan for the airport, authored in 1983, was discussed in 1986 and has since been gathering dust.

It is this draft that the government now plans to update and implement.

“Kenya Airports Authority and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) must work together to facelift the airport,” Mr Kamau said  on Monday.

The Cabinet secretary said the airport’s runways are not fenced and that there are over 70 entrances which pose a security risk.

Further, the airport’s land has been encroached upon by about 400 houses, a hotel and a branch of Uchumi supermarket.

Domestic flights constitute 90 per cent of Wilson Airport’s activity. Mr Kamau said the new master plan will see the airport double its operational capacity.