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Wilson Mutura and Ann, couple behind viral 100 bob wedding speak out

In 2017, we witnessed a love story that captured hearts of many across the globe.

Wilson Mutura and Ann Muhonja proved that love knows no bounds when they celebrated their union with just Ksh100.

Fast forward seven years later, the couple continues to inspire with their enduring love and resilience.

With a mere Ksh100, Wilson purchased wedding rings and approached his pastor at the Community Christian Worship Centre in Kasarani to officiate their marriage.

Little did they know, their humble celebration would soon become a symbol of pure love.

The tale of Wilson and Ann’s love spread like wildfire across social media platforms, touching the hearts of thousands worldwide.

During an interview with Jeff Koinange on Valentines Day, Wilson, a tour and travel agent at Bonfire Adventures, revealed the overwhelming pressure they faced from social media.

Recalling those days, he described how they found themselves confined indoors, trying to escape the unexpected spotlight.

“There were moments we just stayed indoors, silent, trying to comprehend the sudden attention. The flood of calls from everyone caught us off guard.

All I ever wanted was a wife, and I did what I did to make her happy. However, it brought unforeseen challenges. I had initially told her parents that I lacked the means for a lavish wedding but still desired her as my wife. I even proposed marrying her without a ceremony. Unfortunately, word had spread in the village about an impending wedding, causing her parents to object to our union,” he recounted adding that he decided to marry her in the simplest way he could.

Ann reflected on the impact of their newfound fame, acknowledging both the positive and negative aspects it brought into their lives.

“The attention somehow helped us and my husband got a job,” she said.

Wilson encourages young couples to trust in the power of genuine love, emphasizing that true happiness lies in cherishing one another, regardless of financial constraints.

“Life is good with Anne by my side. She has been a blessing to me since she came into my life. I came to see the sweeter side of life with her,” he said.

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