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The Wine Bar rebrands as it turns 30 – PHOTOS

Nairobi’s oldest and most famous The Wine Bar turned 30 this month and has rebranded to change its ambience and range of wines on offer.

Located on the second floor of 20th Century building, The Wine Bar was opened in 1987 and has over the years morphed into the ideal spot for the mature client that just wants enjoy their drink and engage in sparkling conversations.

The bar had briely closed shop for renovation and reopened last week.


Speaking to Nairobi News during the reopening, the proprietor Mr Hillary Oudia said they listened to their customers before rebranding.

“We have to keep up with the changing times, but we still maintained our classic signature and only changed the ambiance and added a bigger wine rack,” said Oudia.

According to Mr Oudia, the bar has remained in the family since its inception and is managed by the second generation.

The proprietor, Mr Hillary Oudia. PHOTO | COURTESY
The proprietor, Mr Hillary Oudia. PHOTO | COURTESY

Their longest serving barman has been with the establishment for more than 27 years and the bar has often been nicknamed after him, kwa Tom.

Robert (Tom) Kitenga, a father of three, said he feels like family when he walks in through doors to serve his clients, The owners treat him like family too.

The Wine Bar plays jazz tunes, classical melodies, and smooth modern rhythms and serves an extensive selection of sublime cocktails and delicious bites.