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Winners and losers in Nairobi County Assembly turf wars

The never-ending supremacy battles at the Nairobi County Assembly claimed more casualties in 2020 with the biggest ones being former Speaker Beatrice Elachi and former clerk Jacob Ngwele.

The two topmost leaders at the assembly, who were themselves embroiled in a bitter power tussle from 2018, began the year 2020 holding the key positions only to end it jobless.

In what began as a battle between the two would later rope in the entire assembly with two factions forming, one led by the former speaker and Minority Whip Peter Imwatok and the other by Majority Leader Abdi Guyo.

On return to the assembly after more than a year out in the cold in 2019, Ms Elachi would open a fresh warfront with Mr Ngwele with the supremacy battle spilling over to 2020.

Court battles ensued as they flexed their muscles on who was the de facto assembly leader.

Mr Ngwele would later be suspended as clerk, blocked from gaining access to his office and Ms Monicah Muthami appointed to the post in acting capacity.

Former head of the assembly communication Pauline Akuku, an ardent supporter of Ms Elachi, would be the first person to benefit from the wrangles.

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