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Winnie Odinga draws out ‘potential suitors’ with witty campaign message

A photo shared by Winnie Odinga, daughter of ODM party leader Raila Odinga, has prompted potential suitors to flood social media asking for her hand in marriage.

The pictures captures Winnie all dolled up spotting a casual look of jeans and t-shirt. This was a different look from the usual official looks that she is usually seen in.

“It’s another #BlueTuesday. 13 days to go! Tusibebwe ufala, vote for your dignity! Get out and tell 10 friends to #VoteBabaNaMartha,” Winnie tweeted.

The tweet drew out “potential suitors” who show little interest in the message but rather on Winnie’s stunning looks.

“Marry Me,” @YouthAdvocateKe

“I love your new you,” @FranklineOlum

“Winnie am so much in love with u,” @EdisonMaxwell

“Am not tall but dark and handsome. Can we pair?” @railon_ndege asked.

“Wueh ,” @NjoguGGMU said.

“Jaber umeamua, I am checking you well. Gini wasekao,” @yahal_otieno said.

Last year Winnie revealed that she plans to get married at the State House lawns. She was encouraging youths to go register as voters so as to vote in her father who is one of the presidential candidates.

Winnie has for a long time maintained singlehood having publicly rejected two marriage proposals. In February, she opened up on how she once moved out of her parents’ home ‘like a thief’.

“I am an independent person. I came from living in America where I had the freedom to do what I wanted to do at any given time,” she told Radio Jambo presenter Massawe Japanni.

“I come back home and mum says I can’t go out, she questions the time I wake up. So I left like a thief, I left at night.”

That move left her barely on talking terms with her parents and she had to turn to her late brother Fidel to pay her fees as she planned to pursue a Masters degree at the United States International University (USIU).