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Winnie Odinga: I can have babies when I’m 80-years-old

Orange Democratic Movement party leader Raila Odinga’s youngest daughter, Winnie Odinga, an East Africa Legislative Assembly Member of Parliament, had no words to mince when she clapped back at critics telling her to get married and have children.

These ‘demands’ often come at the height of opposition political activities in the country. Oftentimes, Winnie Odinga is always present at rallies, town halls, or demonstrations in support of her father and his political ideologies.

For being bold, politically confident, and vocal; and not your usual overly feminine woman, critics often use marriage and pregnancy barbs to put Winnie Odinga down.

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Speaking during a recent beauty launch event held by businesswoman and influencer Phoina, Winnie Odinga, in her usual bold and funny style, told off her critics who used marriage and kids to target her person negatively.

“Kwani mimba ni yangu ama ni yao? (Is the pregnancy mine or theirs?) I’ll do what I want with my body when I want to do it and I’ve just not found the right person right now.

It’s not for lack of trying. If they’re eligible, they better just come talk to me nicely yeah um but really what you think about me is your problem.

That doesn’t concern me. I’m just concerned about the opinion of the people that I love and they’re fine with me, I’m fine with me, so what’s your problem yeah.”

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“A couple of years ago, my mum started (talks of marriage and babies) and I told her she has to cool down on that talk. I’m young, I’m having fun, I’m in my 30s um living life… look I’m at an event like this. I’m not at home cooking things.

I’m living life. I’m having fun and there’s a lot of science these days man I can have a baby when I’m 80. God knows uh so I’m just enjoying myself after a very difficult life. I’m single for the first time in nine years, I’m loving it just enjoying life,” said Winnie Odinga.

She also revealed that men who often approach her start out confident then later begin bringing up politics and suddenly become scared when they see her father call her.

“I’ve not found that confident Kenyan man and really a woman’s confidence really really the key to it comes from her father and um and I guess I’m looking for that sort of confidence.

I’m a man’s man and I’ve just not found that here yet um but I I’m still looking yeah for a Kenyan one especially. I don’t mind other cultures but sometimes just somebody who understands you is somebody from your culture but I’m I’m out here,” Winnie Odinga further told Mpasho.

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