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Winnie Odinga: I’m trying to enjoy early retirement

32-year-old Winnie Odinga is the second and youngest of two daughters of 2022 presidential aspirant Raila Amollo Odinga and Dr Ida Odinga.

During her father’s campaigns at his fifth attempt to clinch the presidency, Winnie played an active role in popularizing her dad, who is also a former prime minister, to the masses.

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She had been an active and loud voice on social media in mobilizing voters to vote for her father and the change he promised to bring should he win.

“The Firimbi Movement is on. Get a #BlueFirimbi today, usiwachwe behind. Let’s whistle this nation blue,” she once posted on her social media accounts in support of the Azimio La Umoja – One Kenya Alliance that fronted her father for the presidency.

However, her father did not win the seat despite a close margin difference of about 200,000 votes between the victor, President William Ruto and himself.

Since the loss at the polls and at the Supreme Court of Kenya where Raila filed a petition against President Ruto’s August 2022 win and lost, Winnie and her family have remained quiet and out of sight for a while, now.

It is only recently that Winnie resurfaced on social media, posting videos of herself unwinding with road trips and easy days.

On October 7, 2022, she posted a photo of herself holding a wine glass at an undisclosed location and captioned the photo, “I’m trying to enjoy early retirement.”


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In a past media interview, she revealed that she works for her father and sometimes acts as his bodyguard.

“I work for my dad. I have worked for him for as long as I can remember. I’m his bodyguard, his briefcase carrier, travel companion or even driver if need be…I can’t just sit back and leave the campaign to my father. I don’t think anyone would abandon their parents. It’s a job like any other,” Winnie told the Standard in 2017.

She has been by her father’s side ever since she came of age to understand the political dynamics of Kenya, what her father contributed to Kenya and in what way he can continue serving.

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