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Winnie Odinga reportedly lauds Raila agent on controversial election loss

Saitabao Ole Kanchory, the chief agent of the Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Alliance presidential aspirant in the August 2022, claimed that Winnie Odinga, the daughter of Raila Odinga, lauded his book that exposed how Raila lost the 2022 presidential election.

In a screenshot shared by Mr Kanchory, Winnie Odinga allegedly said that she had mixed feelings about the book but sooner or later, the truth had to come out.

“I’m torn between feelings of vindication and timing. Nevertheless, the truth is the truth and only a moran (sp) has the balls to say it. Hongera. Prepare for the wolves,” Winnie Odinga allegedly told Kanchory via a messaging app.

Kanchory went on to claim that only intellectual dwarfs & hopeless sycophants had a problem with his book as he lauded Winnie and Raila’s running mate, Martha Karua, for being objective in their review of his book, Why Baba Is Not The 5th.

Thank you @MarthaKarua and @Winnie_Odinga for your fair and objective review of #THEBOOK. Only intellectual dwarfs & hopeless sycophants will have a problem with this historic book. For the shameless, faceless, nameless, brainless minions (professional mourners weeping louder than the bereaved) who are yapping without even reading the book, you can’t possible know or mean better than Martha, Winnie or myself. Everyone who matters knows my immense contribution & commitment to @RailaOdinga 2022 presidential bid for which I nearly paid with my own life! As for “the wolves”, my sister @Winnie_Odinga don’t worry about them. Where I come from, lions scamper for safety when they see us. Wolves are but domestic pets; I’ll deal with them. Hope y’all enjoying the read,” said Mr Kanchory in his April 14, 2023, statement.

Winnie Odinga was one of Raila’s major campaigners, handling his campaign ads and mobilizing youth to vote for her father.

In the book, Mr Kanchory claimed that Raila Odinga won the election but he gave it away. He alleged that over the past 20 years, there hasn’t been a presidential election because the winners took the presidency, they were not voted in.

He also claimed that a disorganized command center, massive financial theft of campaign resources, political infighting, and a larger Odinga family interference cost the statesman his victory on his fifth attempt at clinching the presidency.

He further claimed that political brokers interfered with the command center’s organization, with each saying they wanted to bring in their own presidential election party agents to man the counting of the votes.

Mr Kanchory also pointed a finger at Professor Makau Mutua and a former cabinet secretary, accusing them of being stumbling blocks by causing confusion within the command center and instigating dysfunction in how the alliance ran the presidential campaigns.

“A visitor to the office of one of the CSs was shocked to see that the CS kept his otherwise-public office under lock and key. When the CS let him into the office, it soon became clear why. This obviously highly trusted guest had to walk on stacks of cash to get to the CS’s desk,” Mr Kanchory was quoted saying by the media.

Raila Odinga, despite an impressive campaign effort, lost to President William Ruto with about 200,000 votes; and the opposition holds to date that the election was stolen even if the Supreme Court of Kenya ruled otherwise during their presidential election petition after Ruto being declared the winner.

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