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Winnie Odinga reveals ideal man ahead of ‘State House wedding’

Months after hinting she would wish to tie the knot at State House if her dad is elected President, Winnie Odinga has revealed what her ideal man should look like.

Winnie, an aspiring politician, and daughter of seasoned politician Raila Odinga spoke in an interview with Spice FM.

She described her ideal man as tall, dark, slender, and well-educated.

“You got to be taller than me. I am 5’10, you have to be dark and like slim. He has to come with a degree,” she said.

On what makes a relationship work, the last-born daughter of the Azimio presidential candidate in the August 2022 polls emphasized the importance of building trust and good communication skills.

“I look for trust, the ability to communicate, have discussions, and a platform where I can bounce off. All the work that I do, all ideas I come up with I need to check with somebody.”

Winnie, who currently works as her father’s assistant, described herself as an introvert who enjoys spending quality time alone listening to music and watching movies during her free time.

Being a politician’s daughter, Winnie said she does not see herself to be more special than other members of the community however it makes it a challenge for a person of her stature to find genuine friends.

“You find that children of politicians don’t trust people, they have become so skeptical because there are a lot of betrayals. You become cautious in how you deal with people,” she said.

She alluded to meeting a lot of people in her day-to-day activities but has kept her circle small and does not share a lot of information with those who do not need it.

In October last year, while speaking during her father’s meeting with a group of Mount Kenya youths at the University of Nairobi, Winnie disclosed her marriage would occur on the lawns of State House.

“Tell them that I said, Winnie Odinga will get married in 2022, on the lawns of State House. And you are all invited. So if you want that to happen, go register to vote,” she quipped.

Winnie has for a long time maintained singlehood having publicly rejected two marriage proposals.

In another interview, she put off Ghetto Radio Brekko show host Julius Owino a.k.a Maji Maji’s proposal saying that she wanted a footballer as an ideal husband.

The other proposal came from a tweep identified as Sammy Gunga who had asked Raila for her daughter’s hand in marriage.

Winnie who came across the tweet asked Gunga to be clear on whether his love was real and had nothing to do with her father.