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Witchdoctor lynched by angry Kakamega residents, family speaks out

By Ouko Okusah December 21st, 2023 1 min read

An elderly couple and a visiting witch doctor fell victim to a brutal lynching by enraged residents of Duka Moja village in Kakamega County. The violence erupted amid suspicions that the trio was involved in witchcraft.

The victims, identified as 59-year-old Arnold Ambuchi, his 54-year-old wife Seraphine Muloki, and 60-year-old witch doctor Ayub Lusweti from Matete village in Lugari constituency, faced a deadly assault orchestrated by angry villagers.

Reports indicate that the mob stormed the couple’s home upon discovering the witch doctor’s presence, leading to a gruesome attack with machetes that claimed the lives of all three individuals.

Anonymous villagers from Duka Moja alleged that Lusweti was responsible for mysterious deaths in the village and accused him of bewitching school-going children. However, the deceased’s relatives vehemently denied these accusations.

Josiah Juma, an uncle of the couple, dismissed the claims against Lusweti, asserting that the witch doctor was merely earning a living and had not engaged in any criminal activity.

Grieving family members, led by Lusweti’s widow, Dorcas Mukhwana, explained that the couple had invited the elderly man to perform certain rituals at their home. According to Mukhwana, her husband was innocent and was simply trying to make a living.

Lusweti’s elder brother, Luka Lusweti, expressed frustration over the vigilante justice, stating that if his brother was suspected of wrongdoing, he should have been reported to the authorities rather than subjected to extrajudicial violence.

Kakamega County police commander Joseph Kigen confirmed the incident and announced that an investigation was underway. He assured the public that those responsible for the lynching would be brought to justice.

The bodies of the victims were moved to Kakamega County Referral Hospital mortuary, awaiting postmortem examinations.