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Woman and ‘lover’ found dead in house

A 42-year-old woman was found dead five days after she went missing from her matrimonial home in Nairobi.

The body was found alongside another — allegedly her lover’s. 

Ms Joan Achieng Adhiambo’s body was identified by her husband Enock Otete Morara, who had reported her disappearance at Ruaraka Police Station on Wednesday last week.

The bodies were found in a house belonging to Mr John Ondingo Yogo, who is said to be the woman’s lover.

Ms Adhiambo’s body had multiple stab wounds in the head and chest while Mr Yogo’s was dangling from the ceiling.

“The incident is being considered a love triangle gone sour,” according to a police report.

The bodies were found by the caretaker of the house, Mr Lucas Oshini, minutes before 9pm on Sunday at Lucky Summer estate.

In another incident, police are investigating the death of an Argentine at Nairobi’s Kileleshwa estate.

Brown powder

Mr Sebastian Diego da Alba’s body was found in his apartment at 10.30pm on Saturday. 

He was a consultant with IBM Limited, according to a police report.

“The body was found on the floor facing up, in the sitting room. Police found assorted medicine and a brown powder suspected to be a drug,” the police report added.