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Woman arrested in connection to bomb scare

By Amina Wako February 3rd, 2020 1 min read

Detectives from the Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) have arrested a woman in connection with Thursday’s bomb scare at Doctor’s Park in Parklands Nairobi.

Meera Dinesh, who was arrested on Sunday, is suspected to be behind the note that sparked off panic over the possibility of there being a bomb in the building.

She was arrested by detectives in a forensic-led operation after crime scene processing was undertaken.

Following the incident, bomb experts and the Anti- Terror Police Unit (ATPU) were dispatched the scene which was immediately cordoned off.

“The hoax which saw the evacuation of all the tenants from the residential building as the DCI Bomb Disposal Unit and the ATPU team was screening it for any explosives came two days after the former manager of the property retired and was replaced,” said DCI.

According to detectives, the bomb scare happened after a former manager of the property retired.


Ms Dinesh a tenant at the building wanted to take up the position but was not successful.

“Ms Dinesh (a tenant there) had expressed interest in taking up the manager’s position but was not successful. CCTV reviews beefed up by other corroborative evidence has so far placed her at the core of this investigation and remains in custody pending arraignment,” said DCI.

Further, the DCI said members of the public who engage in such a hoax will be arrest and charged.

“We warn each member of the public against engaging in any such hoax that might cause terror to/interrupt the peace of other persons, as appropriate punitive and lawful actions will be taken against them,” DCI posted.