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Woman attacked by husband after failing to cook githeri

A woman is fighting for her life at a Kirinyaga hospital after she was attacked by her husband at Riverside slums in Ngurubani for failing to cook his favourite Githeri meal.

Catherine Waithera,27, suffered serious burns on her face and chest after she was hit with a burning stove which exploded on her.

Following the attack, the suspect, Peter Ngugi,32 escaped and police are pursuing him.

The man who is a tomato broker arrived home on Saturday night and was served with rice for dinner but demanded Githeri, a popular maize and beans meal.


However, Ms Waithera informed her husband that there was no githeri and he should eat what she had prepared for dinner for every member of the family.

A bitter exchange of words ensued with the husband insisting that he must be served with the dish but Ms Waithera said it was impossible to prepare it at that hour of the night.

It was then that the man picked a burning stove and hurled it at his wife, sending her sprawling down.

After committing the crime, the assailant took off through the nearby rice farms, leaving the victim screaming for help and writhing in pain.

Residents responding to the distress calls found the mother of two badly burnt and took her to the Comrade private Hospital where she was admitted in critical condition.

A neighbor, Ms Tabitha Wairimu narrated how she heard screams and ran to the scene only to find the victim lying unconscious in the house.

“On arrival at the scene I almost collapsed when I saw the condition of the victim,” added.


Ms Wairimu. An elder, Mr Antony Mwangi described the assailant as violent man who battered his wife oftenly.

A doctor at the facility, Hikokha Aoka said the patient had suffered 15 per cent burns but described her condition as stable.

Mwea East acting police boss, Mr Luka Chebet said he was aware of the attack and that the assailant who went into hiding immediately after he committed the heinous act was being pursued.

“We are looking for the suspect and he will be charged with assault if arrested,” said Mr Chebet.