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Woman bites co-wife’s cheek in simmering family feud

A 26-year-old woman from Bujonjori village in Bunyala sub-county, Busia County is nursing an injury on her after she was bitten by her co-wife on Friday.

Melvin Akinyi said she was bitten on the left cheek by her co-wife Brenda Sanya over a family feud that has been simmering between the two.

Speaking to jurnalists at Budalang’i dispensary, Ms Akinyi said her co-wife attacked her early in the morning when their husband Thomas Midi had left for his sand harvesting job on River Nzoia, about two kilometres away.

“She popped at my house early in the morning and asked my (mother) in-law that she urgently wanted to speak to me. After I welcomed her in the sitting room, she pleaded with me to put aside the child I was breastfeeding while ordering my in-law to leave the house since she had a private message, but I refused,” said Akinyi.


On realising their mother in law was not leaving the house, the co-wife attacked Ms Akinyi by pushing her on the ground and pouncing on her cheek.

Ms Akinyi was rescued by neighbors who heard her cries.

“She bit my left, cheek leaving me with deep cuts. She also bit my abdomen,” the woman claimed.

Ms Akinyi added that the woman has been trailing and attacking her whenever she gets a chance.

“The other day she attacked me injuring the baby seriously and I had to go to the hospital. My relatives told me to forgive her but this time round she has to face the full force of the law.

A clinical officer at the dispensary, Leonard Barasa, confirmed the incident.