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Woman blames Ikolomani MP of locking her out of their son’s burial plans

By Amina Wako August 7th, 2019 1 min read

Ikolomani Member of Parliament, Bernard Shinyali, has been accused of sidelining late son’s mother from the burial arrangements.

Petrolina Munyaza, 52, claims she is the biological mother of the late Chris Atema Masaka, who died 12 days ago in a swimming pool in Arizona State where he was on holiday with his family.

Munyaza, who lives in Kangemi, says she learnt of her son’s death from her clan rather than from the Ikolomani MP, as she had expected.


She now wants to be included in her son’s final journey with the body of the deceased expected back in Kenya on Wednesday.

“Hata kama hawajanipangia mipango yoyote kuhusu huyu mtoto, lazima tu nifike nyumbani nizike mtoto kama mama mzazi. Siwezi nikakosa kwenda hiyo matanga,” said Munyaza.

Munyaza also claims she struggled to raise her child only until he completed his primary school education and that they have kept in touch through the years.


“Mtoto wangu tumekuwa tukiongea na yeye sana. Wakati alikuwa bado hajapata kazi alikuwa anakujanga kuniona kwa hii nyumba,” she said.

Munyaza says she last saw her son early this year when he visited her in Kangemi, where family and friends are currently flocking to condole with her.

Chris, 35, who saved a US Marine until the time of his death, was the MP’s first-born son.