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Woman charged with threatening KDF officer

A South Sudanese woman who attempted to knock down a Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) officer with a chair at an apartment in Kilimani has been charged with creating a disturbance.

Elizabeth Nyamuochko was accused of causing chaos in a manner likely to cause a breach of peace by throwing a chair at Francis Koech and also threatening to hit him with a cooking spoon on December 17.

The court heard that Koech had received a call from one of his neighbours that Nyamuochko who is also a neighbor was beating up his son inside her house.

He then went to check and possibly help in solving the matter.

Only for Nyamuochko to created a scene.

When Koech tried to intervene, she instead threw a chair and later cooking spoon towards him but the officer managed to duck away. He then left the scene and walked back to his house.

Not done, the suspect is then said to have raised alarm that attracted her neighbours. Some of them, who are her compatriots, reportedly have stormed Koech’s house later on before police arrived to disperse them.

Nyamuochko denied these charges before senior principal magistrate Derrick Kutto of Kibera law courts.

She was freed on a Sh50,000 bond with a surety of similar amount and an alternative cash bail of Sh20,000. The case will be mentioned on January 28.