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Woman commits suicide after poisoning four children

A village in Rongai, Nakuru County has been left  reeling in shock after a woman on Wednesday night poisoned her four children, then committed suicide following a domestic dispute with her husband.

The woman from Sumek Village in Visoi Ward is said to have poisoned the children in order to kill all of them, but luckily three of them survived.

Ms Feny Koech reportedly attempted to hack the four after they took time to succumb. She fled from her home when they screamed for help.

Neighbours said, they heard screams from the home on Wednesday night and when they rushed to establish what was happening they found her missing. The children were lying on the floor writhing in pain.

The youngest, a two-month-old, died from the poison but the other siblings survived after neighbours rushed to hospital.


Rongai Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Japheth Kioko said the woman and the two-month-old baby died from poisoning.

“Three of the children survived after they were saved by neighbors but one died. The husband was at home during the time of the incident and so we have launched investigations to establish what transpired prior,” Mr Kioko said.

Neighbors who spoke to Nairobi News said the deceased took the action after a lengthy marital dispute, where her husband accused her of infidelity with their employee. He claimed she had sired a child with him.

“The couple has been having disputes over unfaithfulness for some time now. The husband accused Ms Koech of having a love affair with their herds boy, saying the last born child was not his,”said Mr Jackson Kimani, a Nyumba Kumi elder.

Mr Kimani told Nairobi News the couple’s disputes had worsened since the birth of the youngest child, as the husband kept complaining he resembled the herds boy.


“Last week they had a case before elders at the chief’s office, it is not clear what was decided but all neighbours know is that the husband moved to the kitchen and left his wife and children at the main house,” said the elder.

Neighbours reported the dejection, together with post-partum depression took a big toll on the woman because she had just spent two months after going through labour.

“We have been hearing that they had issues in the family and it seemed the wife was taken by the stress because she did not share with us what she was going through,” said Ms Esther Maritim, a neighbour.

But the residents continued to disclose that since accusations of infidelity rocked, she had been ashamed all over the village and that the husband’s act to move house to sleep in the kitchen came as a catalyst.