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Woman demands refund from witchdoctor after failing to wed in 2016 – VIDEO

A Kenyan woman has melted the internet after posting a video in which she hillariously demands for a refund from a witchdoctor who could not secure her a husband in 2016.

The video was apparently recorded three days before the end of 2016 when the woman had not yet seen prospects of getting hitched.

In the video, she sternly warns the witchdoctor, identified as Abdalla Koka, to refund her money.

Nairobi News can not verify her claims.

Among the list of demands issued by the witchdoctor to make the wedding happen included bow-legged ants, dust from a Modern Coast Bus as it passes through Voi town (and the bus was to be driven by a specific driver) and a hen.

Below is the video.