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Pain of woman denied treatment in hospital for failing to raise Sh1,950 – VIDEO

A video of a woman overwhelmed by emotions after her sister was reportedly denied treatment at Kenyatta National Hospital has been trending on social media.

The video clip captures the middle-aged woman wailing loudly while lamenting how the hospital had turned her and her sister away over a small medical fee.

The women claims her sister, who is standing beside her, had been denied medical attention after failing to raise a Sh1,950 fee.

She says her sister has been suffering from cervical cancer.

“It is okay. If they have denied you medication, we will go home and die there,” she is heard saying.

“She has been sleeping at the hospital since yesterday and no one has attended to her. It looks like the poor cannot be treated in this hospital and the bills settled thereafter.”

“This country belongs to the rich, the poor only suffer. I only wash clothes to earn a living but nobody has time for the poor,” she continue lamenting.