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Woman denies killing her infant in deadly love triangle

By Charles Wanyoro September 21st, 2019 2 min read

A 23-year old woman has denied strangling her six-month-old son after being caught up in a love triangle between the boy’s father and another man.

Debora Makandi denied killing Noah Mutethia Mutuma before Resident Judge, Mr Alfred Mabeya and was remanded until October 24, 2019.

Ms Makandi is accused of killing the infant within the township location of Imenti North Sub County on May 29, 2019.

It is alleged that the woman wanted to get rid of the boy so as to shake off a relationship with the boy’s father and live with another man who had set up a business for her.

The woman is said to have at first claimed that the child had suffered from malaria and diarrhea and died upon arrival at the Meru Level Five hospital.

However, the boy’s father, one Dominic Mutuma, a secondary school teacher in Igembe North, had doubts since he had seen the child in the morning and he was in perfect health.


Mr Mutuma insisted that a postmortem be carried out on the child so as to ascertain the actual cause of death. Police reports indicate that the child was strangled.

The reports also reveal that Ms Makandi and Mr Mutuma had been lovers since 2013 during her days as a student but parted ways after she completed school and went to Nairobi.

It is while in Nairobi that she met and fell in love with the other man and they started living together.

However, the love between Ms Makandi and Mr Mutuma was re-ignited after they met in Meru in February 2018, and spent a night together, ostensibly resulting in the pregnancy.

After she revealed that she was expecting their child, the overjoyed teacher at first declined to take responsibility but later had a change of heart and invited the woman to live with her.

Ms Makandi appeared torn between the two men after her other lover set up a business for her at Gitimbine area, within the Meru municipality to demonstrate his love.

Justice Mabeya ruled that the case be mentioned on October 24 when a probation officer will provide a report before being released on bond.