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Angry woman vandalises Mercedes Benz as neighbours are left in awe – VIDEO

A woman was caught on video vandalising a Mercedes Benz C200 in undated clip as neighbours just watched in awe.

In the clip that has gone viral, the woman can be seen taking her frustrations on the expensive car’s windscreen before jumping on its roof and doing the same to the rear windshield.

The 40 second clip shows the seemingly infuriated woman on the bonnet stamping on the windscreen with her foot.


A male friend is seen helping her keep her balance while also recording the incident.

Another male in a white t-shirt joins them and tells her that it’s done and she should come down and stop what she is doing.

Despite his pleas, she proceeds to smash the vehicle’s rear windshield and even high-fives her friend, before she is carried away.


The incident was recorded by a neighbour who can be heard wondering what was going on as she keeps saying “Woii, woii enemies of destruction.”