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Woman discovers husband’s sex affair while scrolling through his phone – SCREENSHOTS

A Kenyan woman got the shock of her life after discovering her husband’ cheating ways while scrolling through his phone.

The woman found a chat on the phone with a contact saved as KCA Church only to find it was her husband’s lover.

Even more shocking was the discovery that her husband’s other woman was expecting his child.

The woman shared screenshots of the WhatsApp chat between her husband and his lover on a popular Facebook group

In one of the chats, the husband notifies his lover that he would be visiting and she tells him to come along with a hot dog. The man promises to bring not one, but two hot dogs.

The other woman invites the man for a possible sleepover, but he declines the offer.

In a another chat, the man is asked to send Sh3, 000 for salon and he promises to do so later in the day.

The woman, while sharing the screenshots, advised fellow married women to beware of awkward names saved on their husband’s phones.

Below are the screenshots.