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Woman divorces husband of 56 years who cheated on her

By NDUNGU GACHANE November 16th, 2018 2 min read

A court in Murang’a has granted a woman divorce from her husband, ending her 56-year marriage.

Ms Marcella Mukami Kinyugo,74, filed a divorce case against her husband, Peter Kinyugo and her co-wife Trizah Mulinge, on December 17, 2016 accusing Mr Kinyugo of infidelity.

Ms Kinyugo also accused the man of cruelty and desertion. She accused Ms Mulinge of being a ‘co-adulterer’.


Ms Mukami told the Kangema magistrate’s court that they were living happily as a wife and a husband since September 16, 1962 after a church wedding at Kiriaini Catholic Church until five years ago when the man stopped fulfilling his duties as a husband.

“Problems in my marriage started six years ago when Mr Kinyugo would stay at my co-wife’s house for weeks without coming to my house which is in the same compound,” She told the court, adding that she did not understand why her husband decided to leave her yet they had not quarrelled.

However, she said her husband, a former teacher and chief, married another woman around 1984 without her approval but she did not complain as he fulfilled his duties.

The ailing granny who had been brought to the court in a wheelchair accused her husband of neglecting her after she got ill, leaving their only daughter to look after her and cater for her medical bills.

“I want the court to hear my prayer and order that I get a share of our property so that I can get money to foot my medical bill since my pension is not enough to cater for my personal upkeep,” she pleaded with the court.

Ms Margret Nyangati of Muchoki Kang’ata Advocates is representing her.


On his part, her husband, through lawyer Waiganjo Gichuki, dismissed the claims saying that he has been treating both wives equally.

He refuted claims that he did not consult the wife while marrying his second wife, Trizah Mulinge.

“Ms Mukami was actively involved in the process of the customary marriage of my client’s second wife,” Mr Waiganjo said.

An altercation arose in the court when Mr Waiganjo produced some photos and gave them to Ms Mukami, a move that was objected to by her lawyer who accused him of irregularly introducing the photos in court.