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Woman dumped by her old Mzungu lover via Facebook

By HILARY KIMUYU September 10th, 2015 2 min read

It is heartbreaking enough for anyone to get dumped unexpectedly. But when the “dumping” is done publicly through social media, it becomes a totally different experience.

On September 3,  Pleschke Heinz-Georg caused a stir on Kenyan blogosphere when he used Facebook to announce that his marriage to a Kenyan woman had come to an abrupt end.

“All friends note…

After the unfortunate incidents in recent weeks, caused by the unlawful conduct before my wife (name withheld), I hereby give official separation from her know. I take from now on no liability for all her financial or other transactions more. I wish her all the best for the future, but please do not come back…(expletive)!” wrote the man.


The break-up has caused a stir on social media.

The poor “self-employed” girl , who on Facebook page says that she studied in University of Dar es Salaam and is from Meru and lives in Ukunda, still claims that she is married –since February 15, 2015!

Social media users praised him for  his decision while others wanted to take over from where she left.

Nyar Owili said “Hehe Pleschke (I don’t know how that name is pronounced owada) don’t worry for the ‘stolen’ stuff, maybe you stole her happiness too n she was just persevering staying with you(the age bana mtu hutaka game).You’ll get a fourth wife soon. God bless.”

Naomie Kogiie Nayomie  said “Pole sana Mzungu…next be careful with Kenyan women ask Maina and Kin’gan’gi(classic 105) how they should be treated.”

Allan Kamaliki  posted “You guys are seriously defending a girl who at 19 cajoled a 65 year old man to marry her. Lol.”

Pleschke Heinz-Georg replied to him saying “Sorry… bt i was just 57 when i met her 1st..”

Joy Lornah said “Evy Kenyan women are after money to wazungu not love BT for sure y steal for the mzungu if u were tired u would have said BT b sure u will regrate hiyo pesa ikisha dadangu.”

Fridah Nduku “meanwhile i wanna take over hehehehe re u still single? hapo ndo udespa umenifikicha hata mimi anataka kuponyokako na mita.”