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Woman gives birth to baby girl at Embassava matatu stage in CBD – VIDEO

By Kanyiri Wahito December 21st, 2019 2 min read

Embassava matatu sacco operators on Friday night rushed to the rescue of a pregnant woman who started experiencing contractions and labor pains at the Embakasi bus terminus.

To the amazement of bystanders, the woman delivered a bouncing baby girl a few minutes later.

“I just saw a woman writhing in pain before she went down on her knees while her husband who was carrying a bag tried to help her to her feet. Just then she made a loud scream and the baby came out, luckily enough I was right on time to hold the baby’s head as she came out,”  explained an excited Joseph Anari, a matatu crew member.

The mostly male crew members of the Embassava sacco matatus rushed to the aid of the woman after delivery and offered their jackets to wrap the baby for warmth as they sought help from women in the crowd.

A woman in the crowd surrendered her hairband to be used to tie the baby’s cut umbilical cord as matatu operators controlled traffic as they hailed a taxi from outside the Kenya National Archives.

Once the taxi got clearance on the road, women in the crowd formed a tight circle around the mother and her newborn as she was put in the taxi and rushed to Puwmani Maternity Hospital.

Speaking on phone, the elated father (name withheld) of the lucky infant confirmed his wife and baby girl were in stable condition and he was working on having them discharged from hospital.

“I left Ruiru hoping to have my wife admitted at Pumwani Maternity Hospital but the baby came on our way to the Eastleigh terminus.”

Joseph Anari credits God for his presence at the scene at the exact time the baby girl came out and he managed to prevent her head from hitting the ground.

“His parents told me they are considering naming the baby after me,” the tout says with a smile.

Some of his colleagues also suggested the baby be named Drips since she was born next to a matatu christened Drips.