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Woman gives birth at hospital reception area as nurses enjoy their tea – VIDEO

A video of a woman giving birth at a hospital reception in Athi River as nurses took tea has been shared online, angering netizens.

The incident, which happened at Shalom Hospital, was filmed and uploaded by a man who had taken his wife to the hospital when the woman arrived in labour.

The man who filmed narrated how on arrival the woman was wheeled into the reception and the attendant told the nurse that her case was an emergency.

“So as I was seated waiting for my wife to be attended to, an older woman is rushed in on a wheel chair, there are three nurses on the table taking tea, they seem not to bother about the woman despite being notified it’s an emergency case, so the woman pleads with one of them ‘haki nisaidie’ one of the nurses told her to get up and walk,” he narrated.

The woman, who was visibly in pain, was unable to walk and so the man helped her up.


“I helped her up with no aid from a nurse, we made about three four steps mama akashout mtoto anaanguka then boom! Mtoto akaanguka kwa floor!” he explained.

The man at that point now called for help and started filming the shocking episode that shows a male staffer clad in a white dust coat rushing to pick the baby from the floor as the nurses at the reception area appear unbothered.

In the video, the man can be heard scolding the hospital staff why they are seated when a mother has just delivered her baby on the reception floor.

The nurses remain silent as one of them scribbles on a book after wearing gloves.

He asks what her name is and she responds that she is Edna.


The man keeps filming as she walks away and asks if the hospital management is aware of the staffs’ conduct.

The nurse walks away and when asked to name her colleague with whom they were taking tea she keeps quiet.

The video ends with a shot of male officers doing what looked like checkups on the newborn that had just been delivered on the hospital floor.

But while speaking to Nairobi News on phone, the hospital administrator, who claimed he was away on Easter, said the mother and her baby are fine.

He also said that he is only interested in the patients’ well-being.

“I contacted the hospital in the morning and they told me that the patient was safe. Once I resume I will listen to both sides of the story and speak to the person who filmed the video so as to get to the bottom of the matter,” he said.