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Murderous woman hammers, axes and chops husband to death

Residents of Good Samaritan village in Gatanga Constituency of Murang’a county are coming to terms with the macabre murder of man by his wife who hammered, axed and chopped him to death.

The woman, who is currently being held in police custody committed the heinous act on Friday night following a domestic quarrel.

According to locals, the woman allegedly killed her husband using a hammer, a panga and an axe and then dumped the tools inside a toilet before drugging the deceased’s body outside their house and burning it up using a mattress.

Witnesses told the Nation that the body of John Maina had burns and injuries.

The neighbours, who included the deceased brother James Ndirangu, said they were attracted by huge flames of fire and developed curiosity to know what was happening only to meet the suspect digging a hole using a jembe and a spade.


“I had just woken up when I saw huge flames of fire coming from my brother’s home, I approached and found his wife digging a hole and upon enquiry she told me she was burning old rugs,” Ndirangu narrated.

“I was not satisfied and pretended to go back to my home, which is a few meters, and when I peeped back I saw her dragging a person who turned out to be my late brother,” he told the Nation.

Mr Ndirangu than made a distress call and neighbours stormed the home but it was too late as his brother was already dead.

It is alleged that the suspect was assisted by her three children to kill their father and burn up his body him.

Ms Naomi Kimani, who was among the first respondents, said the deceased and the suspect have had a troubled marriage and only got back together two years ago after a lengthy separation.


“The suspect had separated and remarried at Ndonyo Sabuk but she returned about two years and bore her husband a child. On Friday, the two accompanied each other to the chief’s office and were registered for Huduma Namba,” Ms Kimani told the Nation.

She said the hammer, a panga and an axe were later recovered inside the toilet after the suspect narrated how she committed the heinous act.

Murang’a County Police Commander Josphat Kinyua confirmed the incident and saying the woman and her children have been arrested and investigations commenced.

He said they received the news from the locals.

“We have arrested the suspect and her three children who are alleged to have murdered their father and commenced. I urge spouses to employ legal mechanisms to solve their marital issues instead of killing each other,” he said.