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Woman in ‘Hessy wa Dandora’s’ hit list remains defiant in new posts

A young woman who is being trailed by the faceless social media crime buster Hessy Wa Dandora for being in possession of a gun has remained defiant and kept posting more photos.

Despite the warning from Hessy, who warns criminals before they are found murdered, a defiant Linar Mmbone shared an image of a gun, maintaining that her criminal life would continue.

“Brayo, Stevoh, Ndero, Omwani pamoja tuko tayari kazi iendelee,” read the caption that was uploaded just hours after she was warned.

In another photo captioned “shoot to kill”, Linar is seen all smiles while carrying a pistol.

It is the photo that caught the eyes of Hessy, who shared it on various Facebook groups, asking her to surrender to the police.


‘Hessy wa Dandora’ gives gun-toting woman few hours to surrender

“Whether your account is deactivated or not, you have less than few hours to surrender to the nearest police station ukiwa umebeba iyo kitu: hapa Githurai 44 siyo mbali sana vile unafikiria, I know your friends are here, sympathisers are also here watching, human rights activists are also here as the witnesses. Staki baadae iwe ati Hesy sijui nini,…. U now have time to assist this lady bring back our property before things get hotter! Ni hayo 2,” posted Hessy on Dandora Crime Free.

Previous similar warnings issued by Hessy have always seen the subjects killed and their images lying in a pool of blood shared on Facebook.

On her Facebook account, Ms Mmbone calls herself Gaza girl.

Gaza is a lethal criminal group that operates in Nairobi Eastlands.

So daring are its members that they attack people even in broad daylight.