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Woman hosting Samidoh in America responds to Karen Nyamu’s diss

By Beth Nyambura November 8th, 2022 3 min read

Bernice Saroni, the voluptuous lady hosting Mugiithi singer Samido has clapped back at his baby mama, Karen Nyamu, after she indirectly trolled her.

Bernice lives in the US with her sons and is a close friend to Samidoh and his wife Edday Nderitu.

She was the one who picked Samidoh up from the airport after he landed in the US, and has also been showing him around in the US, attending shows together.

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Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu

Fans have been tagging Samidoh’s baby mama, Karen Nyamu, in her posts and writing taunting her.

A fan identified as Eunice Shaisha told Karen not to concentrate on the negative comments as long as Samidoh is paying the bills.

In what seemed like a direct attack on Bernice, Karen responded, “That information is very sweet and very okay. USA people come out in huge numbers to see Bernice- with ‘big assets’ and also enjoy the Mugiithi. Also, take photos and send them back to me.”

Karen Nyamu shared another video clip of a lady diving into a pool which she captioned;
“Vile mnaingianga kwa relationship za wenyewe hapa kanairo, mungu anawaona. (How you are entering people’s relationships in Nairobi, God is watching you.)”

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Samidoh's host at the US, Bernice Saroni
Samidoh’s host at the US, Bernice Saroni

Taking to her Facebook page, Bernice responded saying she doesn’t fight back.

“I sit back and watch them insult, that’s how I was raised I am not a coward but I am wise.”

She quoted the Bible saying it doesn’t state that the happy ones must be right all the time no matter what it cost.

She finally asked netizens to be peacekeepers.

“Jesus says, “Blessed are the makers and maintainers of peace, for they will be called children of God” (Matthew 5:9). He doesn’t say, “Blessed are the people who control situations and make them go their way.”

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He doesn’t say, “Happy are the ones who must be right all the time, no matter what it costs.”

He says, “When you walk in peace and are willing to be a peacemaker, you will walk in the fullness of God’s blessing.” That’s the key. Be a maintainer of peace.”

She then shared another Tiktok video saying some people hate her yet they have never interacted with her.

“Someone can just hate you for nothing, yet they have never seen you or talked to you, I have never eaten anything that belongs to them. Even if they loved me, how would they be helping me?”

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A while ago, Bernice also shared a post asking where side chicks get the strength to feel special when they already know there is another woman in the picture.

“Where do side chicks get the strength to tell a married man to promise not to break my heart or cheat on me?” she wrote.

“Women, how special do you think you are? More than the wife? Don’t be a devil in someone’s marriage, they are a lot of single men huku nje (out here).”

Samidoh’s wife commented on the post saying, “It all starts with a man who doesn’t respect his family, then comes a side chick who thinks she’s better than the wife.”

Samidoh and Karen Nyamu have two children together and three with his wife Edday Nderitu.

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