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Woman in court for allegedly stealing 2 phones in police station

By Joseph Ndunda November 8th, 2019 1 min read

A 52-year-old woman has denied stealing two mobile phones at Kamukunji police station and claimed she was framed by her husband who is a senior officer at the station.

Mercy Nkirote Micheni, a hotelier, was accused of stealing the phones worth Sh22,000 at the station on November 6.

The phones were recovered from technicians who could not explain how they came into their possession, and kept as exhibits in cases of either robbery or theft and handling stolen property.

Mercy is also charged with handling stolen goods, having suspected stolen property and being in possession of a forged document.

In the charge of handling stolen property, she is accused of dishonestly detaining the two mobile phones knowing or with a reason to believe they were stolen.


She is also accused of having the gadgets when she was being detained by Inspector Francis Kairu and Selphine Rioba.

The suspect was also found with an ID card bearing her picture but different names.

But she claimed Kairu is her husband and is behind her woes.

Mercy was among dozens of people who had turned up at the station to identify stolen and recovered phones.

While sifting through the phones at a room inside the station, she was seen behaving suspiciously by hawk-eyed officers who kept a close eye on her. She was later seen allegedly stuffing the phones in her bosom by Kairu.

Kairu called a female officer who searched her and recovered the phones. Mercy was released on a cash bail of Sh20,000. Hearing of the case starts on February 28 next year.