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Woman in court for killing cleaner who demanded Sh 100 wage

By RICHARD MUNGUTI  @RichardMunguti

A mother of one has been charged with killing a cleaner for demanding her wage of Sh100. Claire Kasaya alias Mitchelle allegedly stabbed Anne Wangari Karumba in the neck when she demanded her day’s earnings.

Kasaya, 24, allegedly killed Ms Wangari at the Kamala slums in Donholm area in Nairobi when she went to demand payment after washing the accused’s clothes.

But the accused demanded that the deceased gives her some Sh270 which she had allegedly picked from her house when she went to wash the clothes.

According to the testimony compiled by police and handed over to the court by senior prosecution counsel Ms Tumaini Wafula, Kasaya, demanded that the deceased remove the Sh270 from her mouth where she had allegedly hidden it or else she would face the music.

In a fit of anger, Ms Wangari, 35, picked a kitchen knife and charged at the accused threatening to “kill her if she did not pay her for services.”


Police say a struggle ensued and in the process Kasaya snatched the knife and inflicted fatal injuries on the deceased. The accused was arrested after neighbours raised alarm.

Ms Wafula told Lady Justice Lessit that a psychiatrist report shows that the accused has been examined and she is mentally fit to stand trial.

“This is the first time the accused is appearing in court. She needs legal representation as the charge against her is that of murder which carries a mandatory death sentence upon conviction,” said Ms Wafula.

The prosecuting counsel applied that a defence lawyer be availed to the accused. Justice Lessit directed that the charge be read to the accused but she should not plead.

The accused was remanded at the Langata Women’s Prison until December 22, 2015 when she is expected to answer to the charges and be availed legal representation. Ms Wafula said the state has lined up 22 witnesses testify against Ms Kasaya.