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Woman jumps inside 20ft borehole after fight with boyfriend

By LINET AMULI November 15th, 2017 1 min read

A 20 year-old woman who jumped into a borehole on Tuesday in an attempted suicide after a fight with her boyfriend has been charged in a Nakuru court.

Ruth Wanjiru appeared before Chief Magistrate Geoffrey Oduor accused of attempting to kill herself by jumping into a 20-foot borehole in Likia area in Nakuru.

The court heard that on November 14, Ms Wanjiru got into a fight with her boyfriend while in a pub in Likia.

Ms Wanjiru stormed out of the pub after the fight and headed to a borehole in the area where she jumped in.

However, the borehole did not contain a lot of water during the incident and she did not drown.

The court was told that members of the public, who had seen her jump into the borehole, immediately rushed to the scene.

Ms Wanjiru managed to come out of the borehole by herself.

Members of the public arrested Ms Wanjiru and took her to Likia police station..

Ms Wanjiru confessed to the charges and defended her actions saying her boyfriend had made her angry.

The court set her free because she was found to be remorseful.