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Woman kills husband after first wife returns

Police in Kiogoro in Kisii county on Thursday morning rescued a middle-aged woman and her male friend from a mob that was baying for their blood after the woman allegedly confessed to have plotted to kill her husband.

The incident happened in Chirenge village, Matunwa sub-location in Kiogoro, Kisii County.

Nelson Mogire, 42, is said to have been killed on Wednesday night by a gang of three men who were armed with pangas and machetes.

According to James Nyamao, the deceased’s younger brother, Mogire had informed his family that he intended to reunite with his first wife, whom they had separated with nearly a decade ago as his second wife had turned out to be problematic.

He had started making preparations for her return by building her a house next to where the couple lived, something that made the second wife bitter.

“Upon learning about her husband’s plan, she unsuccessfully tried to persuade her husband not to let the first wife return but the man stood his ground,” claimed his brother.

On Wednesday night, thugs stormed the couple’s house armed with pangas and machetes and hacked the man to death before fleeing.

On Thursday at around 7:30am, the man’s body was found outside his house.

Suspicious locals descended on the woman and her lover with blows before she allegedly confessed what had transpired the previous night.

The two then directed locals to a nearby thicket where the thugs had left behind some stained weapons believed to have been used in killing the man.

Angry locals were on the verge of setting the duo on fire before they were rescued by area assistant chief Benedict Orioro who arrived just on time in the company of Nyumba Kumi officials and rescued them.

They alerted police who arrived quickly and dispersed the irate residents.

The two were taken to Kiogoro police station and later to a nearby health centre for medical attention before they are charged.

DCI detectives and police from Kiogoro Police Station later proceeded to the deceased’s home and collected his body and moved it to a mortuary as investigations into the matter commenced.

According to area assistant chief, the deceased had returned home from jail in September 2019 after defiling his two underage daughters.

Mr Orioro said the first wife had left home due to constant threats from the slain man.