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Woman on terrorism charge released on Sh10 million bail

A Nairobi court has ordered a businesswoman charged with multiple counts of terrorism to deposit a bond of Sh 10 million to secure her freedom.

Ms Anab Sheikh Abdullahi denied that on April 29 at Matuu town in Machakos county she “knowingly” had in her possession a mobile phone fitted with an 8GB memory card containing a video titled Banan Bax Mujahidiinta which according to the prosecution is an offensive article for use in instigating the commission of a terrorist act.

A second charge stated that on the same day the suspect had a video titled Sheikh Hassan which compels Muslims to kill non-Muslims.


Another third charge stated that a separate video, Abu Xudeyfa,  which contains decapitations was also found logged in the suspect’s phone. The hearing of the case will be on June 26.

Meanwhile, in the same court, a suspected conman was charged with obtaining Sh 9 million from a businessman on the pretext that he was in a position to sell to him dental formula powder which was purportedly to be supplied to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) offices in Nairobi.

Paul Mwangi Achuki alias Vincent Lesiam denied the charge and has been released on a bond of Sh 1 million pending the hearing of the case. He was also charged with forging a UNHCR purchase order.