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Woman paraded after being caught pimping teenage girls to HIV positive man

There was drama at Majengo Estate in Thika town after a woman who is reported to be engaging in the business of hooking up young girls with an older HIV-positive man was frog-marched across the streets of the town.

The woman was cornered at her house and forced to carry a placard indicating the business she is engaged in, before she was forced to confess to luring young girls into the traps of older men for sex.

Two of her victims aged 18 and 17 said they were lured into the traps of the said man with promises of niceties and money.


“She told us the man could buy us everything we wanted and that we should take advantage of his advances to squander his money,” narrated a victim who was rescued from the woman’s trap by her mother.

“Later on Friday, he invited us for a meal at a Thika hotel where we were supposed to spend the evening, but our mother got to know of the trap we were in and managed to rescue us by feigning that she needed their help in running her shop since she had an emergency at home,” added the victim.

Unknown to them, they had been spotted by someone who saw them and knew they had been tricked into agreeing to the man’s advances.

When the two arrived home, one of the girls’ mother explained to them the danger they had exposed themselves to.


Upon interrogation, one of the girls revealed that the man had promised to foot the bill for her birthday party later this week at a cost of Sh30,000.

The girl’s mother said she was shocked to discover that her neighbor, a woman she considered to be her friend could do such a thing to her child.

“We have worked with her for quite a long time and I cannot believe that she can scheme such an evil plan against my own daughter and my sister,” she said.

admitted to introducing the girls to the man but claimed that she had warned them that the man was HIV-positive.

“I introduced the girls to her to warn them that he was not a good person since he was fond of luring young girls into bed.