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Woman participates in killing of son who attempted to rape her

A 60-year-old woman from Matithi Village in Kiharu, Murang’a County participated in the killing of her son in a mob justice incident after he attempted to rape her, it has now emerged.

The bizarre incident has left locals shocked, at the same time celebrating the death of Kennedy Njuguna Mwangi, 31, who has been involved in a series of criminal activities in the recent past.

On Thursday evening, the deceased found his mother at her maize farm and cut her hand, prompting the woman to make a distress call after which neighbours and the public arrived promptly.

The irate mob cornered the suspect who had tried to escape and beat him up before his mother doused petrol on him, and lit a fire using a match stick.

The deceased’s pleas to have his mother forgive him fell on deaf ears as she watched the huge flames consume her biological son.

Has been repeatedly assaulting her

According to area Assistant Chief Bernard Kagoto, the deceased has been terrorising his mother and has been repeatedly assaulting her to a point of chasing her from her farm, a move that saw her rent a house at the nearby shopping centre.

“He had even forced her to vacate her home to rent a house at the shopping centre. He then found the mother at the maize farm and attempted to rape her and when she resisted, he cut her hand twice using a panga,” Mr Kagoto said.

However, the administrator and the community blamed the woman for her son’s indiscipline and engagement in criminal activities saying she has always been coming to his defence after committing the crimes.

“The deceased had a record of criminal activities in this village but whenever he was apprehended, his mother has always been at his defence and could do everything to ensure that her son gets away with it. A time has come when even when your child is involved in criminal activities, you let the justice take its due course. It’s unfortunate that the son has died while his mother will be left with a duty to bury him and at the same time nursing serious injuries inflicted on her,” Mr Kagoto said.

The deceased’s body was taken to Murang’a County mortuary for preservation.