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Woman seeking justice for son’s brutal murder by the police 10 years ago

A woman in Kawangware, Dagoretti North Sub County in Nairobi is seeking justice for her son was shot dead by a police officer under unclear circumstances 10 years ago.

The mother, Christine Madiga, has revisited the events of that fateful Saturday when she says her son son, Hasting Agesa, who was 22 years old at the time, was shot dead just moments after he had paid his house rent.

“My two sons left together and went to pay for a house which they had secured in Nduaru area. I had given them Sh3,000 for the rent. That is the last time I saw my firstborn son,” Ms Madiga recalled.

She said moments after her sons left her in the house, she was informed through a phone call that one of her sons had been shot by police officers.

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Ms Madiga rushed to the scene and when she got there her son’s body was being carried by the officers who placed it by the roadside as a crowd watched.

“That is when I asked a woman who knew me whether she could confirm as I had already done whether the body belonged to my son,” Ms Madiga narrated.

She said the police ignored her when she attempted to question them about the crime her son had committed leading to his shooting.

“When one of the officers realised that we were serious and wanted to know what had happened, he reached into his pocket, drew a pistol and fired seven shots into my son’s lifeless body as I watched,” Ms Mandiga said.

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The mother said when she saw how her son had died she was afraid that the officers would turn their guns on her and end her life as well.

According to Ms Madiga, moments later when members of the media arrived, the police said her son had been linked to a notorious gang that operated within Kawangware area.

According to an autopsy report compiled by a Government pathologist, Mr Agesa died of excessive bleeding as a result of several gunshot wounds.

Ms Madiga said she had brought up her children as a single mother following the death of their father.

“I brought up my sons singlehandedly. I made a decision not to be remarried and focused on working hard for them. To date the death of my son affects me,” she said.

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